To my readers

I know there aren’t many of you, in fact I think there’s only one of you who checks this blog regularly, but to all of you I greatly appreciate your patience.  I write fast but edit slow.  Bear with me, I’m starting school this coming Monday (not today but Aug 20th).  This being said, I’m buckling down this week and going to try to have chapter 5 and 6 posted before the weekend. (For those interested, I’m beginning my EMT training Monday, so excited! :D)

After the school year starts I’m going to try to keep to a schedule of posting once a week until I’m caught up with my self.  I have analysis written for the introduction through chapter 9. (NOTE: about chapter 9, as you should know [since I did advise you to read the book before following this blog but that’s not quite my concern] chapter 9 is all fucked up.  After many hours of experimentation [and many cups of coffee] I finally came up with a way to organize chapter 9 for analysis but I have yet to actually tackle the analysis part. However it shouldn’t take too long since many of the footnotes and “paths” overlap.) Once I reach chapter 8 I will probably take a hiatus to clean up chapter 9 for posting and after chapter 9 things will  slow down since at which point I will then be writing and posting in real time.


Again, thanks much for the views! (and don’t forget to tell your friends about this site and/or to read House of Leaves)

-S. G. Miller


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