Midterms suck

I was planning on having chapter 8 done and posted by now but a series of events has left me with less time than I need to make my self appointed weekly dead line and I refuse to compromise quality in this particular project. Camping was fun but when I got home I had tests in every class that week. Come the end of that week and my computer goes in to major failure mode. I’ve had a long standing hatred for Windows and this was the final straw, so I’ve been Windows free for 2 weeks now and I’m starting to get the hang of Ubuntu. Today is my birthday and I’m spending it writing (mostly, also midterms are coming up the next two weeks thus the title). Rest assured I’m working on it but for those who have read the book (as I advised) you will understand that the formatting of chapter 8 and 9 are very funky and thus will take a bit more time. I’m about half way through 8 and hope to have it posted by next Sunday. If yeh get bored or just want to make sure I’m still posting, you can check out my other blog that gets updated a bit more often just due to its more leisure content and length of articles.  My other blog, “zombies and other brain-droppings” is mostly a fun one featuring events in an around the St. Louis area, reviews on craft beer, with a colouring of zombies. Hot sauce reviews pending.


To my student readers, Good luck with midterms and I’ll be back on here soon.

-S.G. Miller



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