New content coming next week

OK folks, I’m fairly certain that I’ve secured a place on this farm where I’m gonna be living for a week or two (maybe longer if I like the place) which translates to me not having to look for a new place to stay every other day ie I’ll have time to post at least one or two new pieces next week. I will know more later tonight or tomorrow.  It’s gonna be ok folks, I promise. 🙂


I’ll see you there,

-S.G. Miller


2 thoughts on “New content coming next week

  1. Sophie says:

    I’m going crazy over here. I’m actually writing this paper, partially on Derrida, and I wanna do stuff on House of Leaves and involve the whole labyrinth thing and the two perspectives and the problem that arises when you can’t oversee the whole. Now my problem is, the paper is Due next Monday. I’d love to read your stuff before then, cause it’s hell to find some decent feedback. Not that I blame you, I’ve had months for this thing, but only seriously started writing it a couple of days ago. Somehow I get the feeling that you’re familiar with such a situation.

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