Chapter 8 page 97

NOTE: So as I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to try for a different format for at least chapter eight. I’ve decided in interest of keeping the posts shorter and more easily searchable I’m going to pick apart the chapters by page. This way I can get more finished and posted instead of working for 40 hours and posting once a week a 15 page monster.  Chapter nine will be handled in it’s own special way (that I haven’t fully worked out yet).

So here’s the first bit. Will finish chapter eight this week (it’s mostly done just need to cut it up and edit a few things).  Thank you so much for your patience.


Chapter Eight

Page 97

Introductory quote:

Nothing too interesting here.

More on a stylistic note, it is interesting to note the history of the use of the word “Radio”. Before the invention of broadcasting and sort wave radio commutations, radio was used as a term to mean “radiate” which would then evolve into a prefix for upcomming words to match the technology. If we look at the SOS signal as a radiating thing we notice it “echos” through the book from it’s source (see page 128, chapter nine, line 19). This signal “bounces” off page 97 (leaving its mark all the way through chapter 8) and reverbates back and almost get’s “trapped” in the foot notes where it manifests in Jonny’s personal message.

S or . . .

Line 2: “…Navidson over the last few weeks has been setting up the living room…”

HoL is really starting to show it’s age in segments like this. Mentions of a VHS machine, a Quadra Mac, zip drives (I barely remember using these) but then he mentions an “old PC” which makes me wonder how old he’s talking about now. Not too important to the story but does make me chuckle a bit.

Line 10: I just noticed this (after reading this book, literally no less than 15 times) “…and a a broken megaphone…”. It’s an odd thing to mention among the aggregate of equipment they’re using to decipher the mysterious house, because if it worked it’d do no good in the labyrinth since the house distorts noise and sometimes even swallows it whole and it’s odd to mention it anyway since it’s broken. Maybe it’s there to represent/foreshadow the breaking down of commutations epically via technology.

The Check Mark

I am with the rest of you when I freely admit that I still have no theories on this unassuming symbol in the bottom corner of this page. I read some theory about it linking back to the Pelifina letters (see Appendix II section E page 609 lines 9-11) which some say implies that HOL was actually written by Jonny and all this is code for her. However I’m not sure if I buy into that theory for the reasons that first he didn’t even find this collection of notes which became HoL until 1991 and the letter mentioning the check mark is 1985 and she dies about four years later in 1989.

Other possibilities include that he made a checkmark on a piece of paper intending to use that as his letter but never does and ends up using that to transcribe this particular page to that paper OR what’s much more likely is that it’s another hint from MZD to look deeper into that chapter. The checkmark represents a hidden code from the writer to the reader which is similar to the hidden moris code from the writer (zapano/mzd) to the reader (jonny/us). This point is reinforced by the quote mirroring lines 9-11 on page 609, “Loosing the possibility of something is the exact same thing as losing hope and without hope nothing can survive.” lines 18-20 page 608. Which goes back to the theme of chapter eight being SOS distress signals and the lost possibility of hope (page 103, lines 1-11).


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      Thanks for reading!

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