Answering unspoken questions

When ever I tell anybody about this particular project (and it’s not many) I get one of two responses: 1) “Wow! That’s really ambitious/cool/interesting/bad-ass! Send me a link to that. I love House of Leaves.” 2) (and this is much less often received but much more worth addressing) “Huh, that’s really cool and all but what’s the purpose? I mean, you’ll never really know what MZD meant by all of his references so you might be a semi-expert at best and at the end of the day what are you going to have to show for it? You’ve already spent, how many hours? Somewhere around 300? But what’s it all for?”

For a while I didn’t really have a real answer to the more important of the two questions, mostly I would just say “Hey, it’s just because I love a really good mystery” or “Well, I’m slightly obsessive and this book has been driving me fucking crazy, so it’s like scratching a never ending itch” or some stock answer like that however neither one of  these got close to what my real vision for this project is.

A while ago (and I mean A WHILE AGO, like when I was just starting college), I found out that there was a higher level (a senior level, to be exact) literary analysis class on a quotidian book series called “Harry Potter” which by the time I was taking classes was moderately popular and spiked my interest (not because I had read the series, I hadn’t at the time and still haven’t managed to finish it) because it occurred to me “If pop culture fiction can be made into an in depth college course, why not other books who haven’t made it to the literary pantheon?”

So this idea stewed in my mind until I got deep into this project, which is when it decided to resurface. When I remembered this, it made my plans take some serious shape.  All along I’ve wanted to write a book/paper from my refined notes on the analysis of this book (there are many avenues I could take from the “Idiots/dummy guide” to the “Academic  analysis of…” to even “cliff notes: House of Leaves” [the last if someone beat me to the punch, which may very well happen anyway]) and eventually use said book as a text book for a custom course in Literary Analysis: a focus on House of leaves (or some such) which I would be the professor.

However, all of this is just a pipe dream for now however I figured it wouldn’t hurt to let my readers know a little more about my greater vision (even though I know there aren’t many of you).


Never sell your self short or restrict your dreams,

-S.G. Miller



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