Chapter 2: 1/4″ Johnny’s story Footnote 18 Pages 12 – 16

Page 12

Lines 3-4:

…from a long night drunk my road-dog Lude and I winged our way into last night.” (p 12) this is a prime example of a Jonny-ism. He doesn’t have the best grammar and I’ve checked for codes and can’t seem to find any in this awkward sentence. What I’m guessing he’s trying to say (possibly still addled from the night before): “…from a long night drinking with my road-dog, Lude managing to wing our selves into this joint last night.” or something like that anyway. I usually just skip over these unless there’s some sort of hidden message in it.

Line 29:

…age of nineteen I had climbed off a barge in Galveston.” Galveston, Texas.  The only noteworthy thing about Galveston is that “Pelican Island” is apart of the city. This could have something to do with the Pelican poems. Haven’t really looked into the extras too deeply yet.

Page 13

Line 2:

…for a wager I’d lost in Singapore.” Jonny mentions traveling in Europe at some point when he was 17ish. This would provide a reasonable explanation for how he got back to the states.

Lines 3-4:

…I practically had to run the whole way to Huston.” Huston is relatively close. Slightly believable.

Lines 36-7:

…giving the girls one of those all knowing completely over-the-top nods.” Am I the only who is reminded of Barney from How I Met Your Mother in this scene? (just after the wink)

Line 46:

The fights were bad enough.” Keen eye to detail with book goes a long way. Notice how this isn’t in quotes? Therefore this is something he didn’t say this to the girls and this is no accident. We later learn that he used to get into physical fights with his step-dad and his step dad is the one who knocked out a bit of his incisor. (see page 92-93 footnote 104)

Line 52:

…even with the Captain and his murderous moods.” Jonny makes mention of his step father having murderous moods.

Page 16

Lines 10-1:

….covered in tatts, Manson crucified on his back…” what a strange image. Apparently it’s one Manson’s fond of recreating.

Line 20:

…and still find our crates full of Birds of Paradise.” I think his crate is the chest Zapano left.



3 thoughts on “Chapter 2: 1/4″ Johnny’s story Footnote 18 Pages 12 – 16

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  3. […] Chapter 2: 1/4″ Johnny’s story Footnote 18 Pages 12 – 16 ( […]

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