Chapter 9 path 3

Chapter 9 The Labyrinth

Path 3:

Start: P. 107 : Stop p 107 footnote X

p 107 footnote X : skip footnote 135 : stop p 107 footnote 120

p 107 footnote 120 : stop p 109

End path three: Dead End (at incredibly hot litica)

This path mostly centers in on another part of Johnny’s story, starting with footnote 120. Most notable is the fact that Johnny is being forced to face his deepest wounds, even if in a psychotic-hallucination, of his father’s fatal trucking accident.

Part of MZD’s brilliance is his way of playing with words and images. Line 35 of footnote 120 “…flying through the air, no longer ruled by that happy dyad of gravity…” Dyads in mythology are nymphs particularly of trees or tree spirits (of course Ash trees have a specific dyad and name). These particular spirits, being linked to trees are well rooted to their tree (ie their home/house). So refering to gravity as a dyad and then later referring to a tree falling on Johnny is particularly clever.

The rest of this path ties into other parts of this chapter, such as “…a few notes she’d made relating to the etymology of ‘labor’” (page 108 lines 34-5) which appears on page 114 lines 29-31 and the visual joke I outlined in the chapter 8 series.



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