Chapter 9 Path 6

Chapter 9 Path 6

Path 6:

Start: p 107 : skip footnote X : go to p. 111

p. 111 : skip footnote 129 : go to p 113

skip p 114 footnote 134 : stop p 114 footnote 135

p 114 footnote 135 : stop p 114 footnote 129

footnote 129 loops back to path 1 (dead end) and path 2 (loop)

End path six: Loops to path 1 and path 2

This path explores the ideas of how the house’s labyrinth is similar to the labyrinth of the psyche. Just as “no one ever sees that [house’s] labyrinth in its entirety” no one ever sees the labyrinth of their own psyche or anyone else’s in its entirety either. This can apply much more broadly than just introspection metaphors, example no one can view the entirety of the labyrinth that is etymology (sure one can trace words back to a point but no one ever sees the entire picture), history (hundreds of thousands of people’s versions of a singular event can vary widely), ect.


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