Credits and Thanks

Wishing thanks to where thanks is due:

Considering that this is an on going project, these credits will also be on going but I feel that before I go further, I should begin doling out credit where it is due.

First and foremost: I thank you Sarah for being the first to introduce me to this book all those years ago. I wish you well in what ever you’re doing now.

I wish to give credit to Elaina for informing me about the official house of leaves forums.   Before I just wrote HoL as some strange and slightly disturbing horror/love story with little else below the surface.

I would like to give credit to the authors of the “Key to all Mythologies” thread.  Had they decided to see through and do the entire book, I may not have been as inspired to start this project in the first place.  Hopefully the authors will find the time/inspiration to revisit their project and/or to help contribute to mine but if not, the tendrils of obsession are deep enough that I’m not sure if I could give this project up.

And I would like to thank my reader(s), I assure the project would  go on with out readers but you guy(s) help keep me on schedule.

-S.G. Miller


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