Chapter 2: 1/4″ page 12

**NOTE** Okay so only half of this page is TNR or TNR footnotes while the rest and the next few pages are one of Johnny’s side stories. The way I’m going to handle these are to have the contents of page 12 that’s relevant to TNR in this post and then address Johnny’s story/footnote 18 in a post by it self (and cover it completely rather than split It up into pages since Johnny’s stories tend to be less dense).


Footnote 17:

max c. garten’s “100 looks” in Vouge, v. 185, October 1995, p 248 – quite an elaborate fake article, but intresting none the less. That site has a lot of interesting fabricated articles from House of Leaves. I will make an effort to link the parts on this website that are useful/relevant as we go along. NOTE: NOOO!! As of the moment, the site seems to be having issues or is completely down. I really hope it’s not down because it was a real gem of a find.

UPDATE: Seems like you can still see some of the site via the way back machine but until I hear back from the MOD I’m not sure what’s going on.