Chapter 2: 1/4″ Page 11

Line 36:

“Using a pair of red handled scissors…” the colour red pops out here.


Footnote 15:

Joel Watkin’s “jewerly box, perfume, and hair” I found a David Watkin who was a cinematographer. What caught my eye is his innovations and use of light. He invented a new lighting technique that helped improve night shots. “Watkin also conceived of the idea for a new light which would tackle the problem of light falloff during night shoots.”

Footnote 16:

Taema essay publications – “One well known legend relates that Taema and her sister Tila faiga (Tila the sportive) were the goddesses of tattooers.” “Taema was the name of a war god, incarnate in the kingfisher bird and was an omen in war.” Source